Tuition & Fees

It was the vision of WB School to build a school where “young men and women from all walks of life could gain an education second to none.” In remaining true to our vision, we maintain affordable fees. Our Tuition covers all academic instruction as well as room and board.

Fees for the 2016-2017 school year is listed below per term and it includes:

Registration (Application) Fees GHS 150.00
Admission Fee (Paid only once) GHS 1,000.00
Tuition (per term)
Nursery GHS 1,500.00 per term
K.G. GHS 1,500.00 per term
Primary (Year 1 – Year 6) GHS 2,000.00 per term
Secondary (Year 7 – year 11) GHS 2,500.00 per term
Sixth Form (Years 12 & 13) GHS 3,750.00 per term

*** Please note that Tuition fees include the following: Activity Fee (Swimming, Tennis, and Music) and Technology Fee. ***


Nursery/K/G. Students          GHS 70.00 per set

Primary Students                     GHS 75.00 per set

Secondary Students                 GHS 85.00 per set


Lunch              GHS 400.00 per term


Payment Options

After a student has been with the school for 1 full academic year, the school will work with parents on a payment plan that suits the family needs. Usually, the school will expect half of the tuition fees due to be paid prior to the first day of school. The family can then work out a payment plan to ensure that the remaining balance is paid before students resume from Midterm.