This annual event is organised on inter-house basis where Students practice fervently to compete and win the trophy for their house. The School has four houses into which each and every Student is grouped. The houses are named after top-notch universities we expect our Students to aspire to attend in the future. These are Havard, Oxford, Yale and Ashesie. Red, blue, purple and orange respectively, are the colours Students and Teachers are dressed in. Filing past of houses, long jump, somersaults, relay, sprints , lime and spoon and sack racing are the events of the day to mention but a few. Tons of cheers, chants and clapping fill the air as each house motivates its contestants. Music is also part of the excitement of the day. There is a special slot for Parents and Teachers to also have fun taking part in the competitions. It is a fun day full of exercises.

Indoor games are organised per Trimester, on Fridays where houses compete in scrabble, ludo, chess, puzzles and many more interesting games.