Representing more than 10 countries from around the world, our students enter Williams and Brew School from a wide range of cultures, curricula and backgrounds. We are truly an international organisation comprised of global citizens united by their international mindedness and the common connection of living and studying in Ghana. New students adapt easily to our programmes and make friends quickly in our supportive school environment.

Within Williams and Brew School’s caring community, students find many ways to get involved and make lifelong friends. Our campus is filled with activity well beyond the school day.  Students love their school, and think of it as a second home. It is a place for learning and growing, for recreation and sports, for nurturing friendships and gaining positive experiences that will stay with them for life.

There are numerous opportunities ensuring that outdoor activities are a big part of a child’s routine.

After School Programme

ASAs are designed to be fun learning experiences for children to explore their talents in a safe and nurturing environment. WB School has a proud history of providing a wide range of programmes in music, art, language , craft, games, sport and learning enrichment, that not only support and develop our curriculum but give students an opportunity to try something new and exciting, meet new friends and most of all, have fun! 

This is an important part of becoming well-rounded individuals.


The Yearbook published once a year towards the end of the third trimester serves as a chronicle of the year’s events and contains pictures of all students and staff.

Community Work/

Our ‘clean up’ program is an intentional approach to engaging students with their community. Our students participate in volunteering activities, reflect on the experience and are encouraged by their pastoral care tutors to lead in these acts of service.

School Parties and Evening Functions

The School organises parties that are supervised by teachers. Other evening events include family movie night, teachers’ hangout… These normally end by 9.30 p.m.

Sports Day

The annual Sports Day is held during Term 2 at on our multi-purpose field where the different houses compete in track and field events. All students are expected to attend even if they are not in any events in order to cheer on their houses. Parents are invited as spectators.

The Speech, Prize Giving and Graduation Ceremonies

This event is an opportunity to celebrate and reward the achievements of all students from Pre-School all through Lower Secondary.

Clubs and Extracurricular

Many extracurricular activities are planned for students in all grades throughout the year.  From science based activities, to reading, sports, and arts – the fun and learning continues well beyond the end of the school day.

Topsy Turvy

A very fun-loving activity in WB School. (The state of confusion week) is celebrated by all Students and Teachers. Everything is in a reversed condition or order.


Campus Safety and security is essential to our mission, vision and philosophy as a school. We are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life at WB School by providing a safe and secure environment that is conducive to learning, and is consistent with the educational goals of our institution, while building community partnerships that foster trust, mutual respect and cooperation. We provide 24 hour security at WB and continue to rely on the strong partnership with the security agencies in Obuasi including our parent company, AngloGold Ashanti.