In consultation with dieticians, we have put a great deal of time and effort into creating healthy menus and promoting healthy choices to Students. WB School’s menu work on a four-week cycle to ensure there is variety and choice. A fresh, delicious and healthy main meal is served to Students each day and drinking water is freely available.

Subscribing to the School’s menu comes with great benefits for Students, Parents and the School. Students are assured of enjoying their food fresh and hot; Staff are able to cut down on time spent to reheat home prepared meals which have turned cold; and Parents can save their time and energy preparing and packing up School lunch for their wards.

Students who require an alternative diet due to medical reasons are catered for. To apply for a medical diet you must complete a “medical diet form” which can be obtained from the School or by clicking on the link below:

Download medical diet form here

The meal price per child is excellent value for money. You may contact the School’s office for more information. Please note that sometimes our cooks have to make menu changes (for instance if food stuffs are not readily available) but we aim to keep this to a minimum.

Our Menu

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

1st Cycle

(Week 1-4)

Jollof Rice with Chicken Okro Stew with Banku Beans Stew with Plantain Spaghetti Bolognese Peanut Soup with Rice Balls

2nd Cycle

(Week 5-8)

Chicken with Fried Rice Palaver Sauce with Yam Palm Nut Soup with Rice Balls Ayoyo Soup with Tuo Zaafi Fried Fish with Jollof Rice

3rd Cycle

(Week 9-12)

Beef Stew with Waakye Okro Stew with Banku Spaghetti Bolognese Peanut soup and Rice Balls Kenkey& Fish