Science is one of the major subjects learners undertake as a Cambridge requirement. It is grouped under the following main sections:

  1. Scientific Inquiry: At Williams and Brew School, there is a well equipped Science Laboratory where through experimentation, students gather evidence from observation and investigations to create logical explanation to answer questions. Learners are also challenged to use creative and critical thinking to questions related Science.
  2. Biology: Our students have the opportunity through the curriculum to study natural science which seeks to the study of Life and Living Organisms.
  3. Physics: Our well equipped laboratory provides our learners with the requisite resources to study the aspect of natural science that deals with matter and its motion and behaviour through space and time. The resources also equip them to study the related entities of energy and force.
  4. Chemistry: Through the use of modern equipments we have at Williams and Brew school, our students are able to study the main components of matter and its properties. They are able to answer through evidence gathered from experimentation, how and why substances combine or separate to form other substances. They study how substances interact with energy.

This and many other subjects equip our students to learn discover and achieve as per the Cambridge motto.